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Reference: N1285

Brand: SMART

OEM Genuine Smart Fortwo (450) Cabrio Wind deflector

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OEM Genuine Smart Fortwo (450) Cabrio Wind deflector Folding frame with fine mesh covering. Fixing elements for installation by customer (button fasteners). Installed between headrests and roll-over bar. Can also be kept in place when the top is closed. The wind deflector reduces swirling air in the area of the head and shoulders and backflow in the area...

Price €123.55 incl. VAT - €123.55 excl. VAT
In stock

Reference: N1269

Brand: Roadsterbag

Smart Roadster Hardtop Storage Bag

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A perfect bag for the hardtop roof halves: these are stowed in the bag together with the optional available hardtop support. Large, U-shaped zip. The bag is padded with alcantara and artificial leather. 3 handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Same design as the original hardtop bag and improved and produced by our friends of Roadsterbag© 

Price €141.16 Regular price €161.16 incl. VAT - €141.16 excl. VAT
In stock

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