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Reference: N730

Brand: Ed Smart Parts

Performance Car Battery Cable Earth & Earthing Lead Wire Engine smart roadster and fortwo

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kit consists of an upgraded engine earth lead and an upgraded battery earth lead High performance 35mm2 flexibel cables with Heatshrink Protection Advantages: More Power Increase the MP/G - KM/L Reduction of electrical noise Increase in efficiency of the spark plugs Increase in the efficiency of the engine suitable  for all smart roadster 452 and fortwo...

Price €20,66 incl. VAT - €20,66 excl. VAT
In stock

Reference: N90360kw

Brand: S-Mann

Genuine S-Mann Exhaust “S-Flow” Centre Twin

Review(s): 0

S-flow system designed by S-Mann and hand built in The Netherlands. The system has maximum pipe diameters and a 150 cels/square inch catalic converter to create the maximum flow. Depending on what engine and software you have in your smart car it will get you 10 to 20 hp extra and the engine will pick up and respond a lot faster. The exhaust has an...

Price €695,00 incl. VAT - €695,00 excl. VAT
In stock

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