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bobina de encendido para gasolina smart fortwo 451
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bobina de encendido para gasolina smart fortwo 451

49,55 € más IVA - 49,55 € sin IVA
bobina de encendido para cualquier gasolina smart fortwo 451Vendido individualmente, el coche tiene 3, uno por cilindro
285,12 € más IVA - 285,12 € sin IVA
Nuevo sensor de ángulo de dirección adecuado para cualquier smart fortwo 451 desde el chasis K 348050 a partir del 1 de mayo de 2010
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Automatic mhd switch smart fortwo 451

41,28 € más IVA - 41,28 € sin IVA
After the engine starts, a switching pulse is automatically generated that switches the mhd mode. Switching to mhd/ECO mode is done by pressing the switch. A reversing circuit is thus implemented. The switch shown in the picture is not included in the delivery, as it is already installed in the vehicle. Scope of delivery: electronic module including 3...
329,75 € más IVA - 329,75 € sin IVA
Cruise control plug&play The connection is made on the gas pedal and on the speedometer (plug&play) Scope of delivery: Ready-made cruise control in a plastic housing with all the necessary parts. Connection cable for connection to the speedometer and the accelerator pedal: This dark gray lever from the smart 451 is intended for operating the...
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