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List of products by brand Inbay

INBAY makes charging your smartphone in the car truly convenient. INBAY allows you to integrate a discreet, custom-sized charging tray into the interior of your car. Simply switch out the original storage tray in your car with INBAY.

Then simply place your smartphone on this mat and it will charge wirelessly thanks to the Qi standard. No more cables, no more plugging your phone in, and no more depleted battery while driving. INBAY – we charge the future.

All smartphones certified by the international Wireless Power Consortium are compatible with INBAY

Formed in 2014 in Germany, the engineers at INBAY saw a gap in the market for what they felt would be a soon to be prevalent technology – inductive charging. Having been in the automotive accessories market for over 27 years and with in-house development expertise designing an in-car wireless charging solution was a logical next move.

Starting with a single solution for MK5 Golf the range now boasts over 70 variants. Their aim is to upgrade your car with the latest charging technology while maintaining the beautiful appearance of your car’s interior. Thanks to Qi certification, you can be sure that you will get a well-designed and safe product that will not damage anything in your vehicle! INBAY is engineered and made in Germany!

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Reference: N2080black

Brand: Inbay

INBAY® Table charger station Qi black rubberized

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INBAY® Wireless Qi - base station for compatible Qi charging receiver How works wireless charging? - Inductive charging requires two devices. A receiver (your Qi compatible device) and a transmitter (Base Station). - Simply place your Qi-enabled device directly to the base station. - The power transmission takes place via inductive coils which generate a...

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