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Reference: N871

Brand: Ed Smart Parts

13 cm 2-way speaker 100 Watt max

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new set 13 cm 2-way 80 watts  speakers for the doors of smart roadster and many other cars Dimension 5" - 130mm Composition Polycarbonate Cone - Steel Basket Suspension Butylic Rubber Power 100 Watt MAX Freq. Response 70Hz - 20 KHz Sensitivity 90 dB (1W/1mt)* Impedance 4 Voice Coil 25mm (0.75") Mounting Dimenions Hole Ø: 118mm - Depth: 50m

Price €19,75 Regular price €24,75 incl. VAT - €19,75 excl. VAT
In stock

Reference: N1104

Brand: Ed Smart Parts

Deeper Smart Fortwo 451 Drinks Cup Holder - LHD and RHD Economy Line

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Upgraded 451 Drinks Holder  Pushed onto centre tunnel between driver and passenger footwell Provides space for up to 2 drinks at once Suitable for receptacles of different sizes and varying diameters- Screw to fix the cup holder, provide tools,easy to install

Price €27,44 Regular price €28,88 incl. VAT - €27,44 excl. VAT
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